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Family.  Can there ever be too much importance put on family and friends?  I may be a slow learner, but feel more value in relationships than in things, more in faith than in proof.  

Here are some more things about the Norfolk family.


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William A. Norfolk, Lynn Hanson, and Phillip Baldwin are people who were very close to me, that I feel a need to remember!

In that feeling of values, I may be stuck in the past in many things.  That does not mean I do not value the present, nor look to the future, but nothing replaces what is lost.  This is my Memorial Page.  It will never be fully finished, nor will it ever be enough.

Sandy has not volunteered very many things for her page, so I tell about her in my own way.
Chris and his bride, Noelle, are off into new adventures with his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering and she adjusts to life with a beautiful baby - Ava.  Click here to go to more pictures of the wedding and other events.
Sean and Addison will continue the adventure  and drive down this road we call life.  I have lots of their pictures here.
And - the fuzzy guy (in winter).  I put a lot about me and my hobbies and such. 


Some of my carvings are here.

All kinds of surprises here!  Includes some web sites I've built and my photo album.

And... These are just stray pictures....    Coming soon!


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